04 September 2012

Increased performance of new 23.5R25 MTP WB05 with special compound

In 2018 MTP introduced new tyres with a special compound guaranteeing increased resistance to abrasion of the tyre on a hard surface such as concrete and concrete slabs in waste and recycling area's.  One of our customers working with machines at a landfill, bought a set of 23.5R25 MTP WB05 *** special compound tyres in January 2019.  After 6 months of work and after running 1274 MTH, our tyres seem to reach much longer life time compared to the standard compound. The expected working time should be better than with the standard compound at around 30% and achieve a mileage of 6.700 - 7.000 MTH.


The MTP WB05 is an all-steel radial tyre produced by Magna Tyres Group. It has an aggressive directional L5 tread and a strong construction. Dedicated to work on both hard stone and less bonded or slippery substrate. A perfect compromise between price and quality. Produces in 2 variants, standard and special compound.

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