MTP Tyres

In addition to the main tyre brand MAGNA, defined by premium quality tyres, a standard warranty program and a cost-effective pricing, the company completed their portfolio with a distinctive second product line to fulfil the needs of customers who attach great value to a low cost price of tyres.

As the official second brand of the Magna Tyres Group, MTP Tyres is characterized by fast delivery and a fair price level.

With the introduction of MTP, the Magna Tyres Group is therefore able to offer a total solutions for a broad spectrum of customers – from the small end users to the big fleet owner, mine operator and equipment rental company.

The MTP line offers an extensive range radial OTR tyres with 10 different tread patterns (E2/L2 up to E4 and L5) for challenging applications, such as in mining (surface & underground), construction & quarries, ports & terminals, cranes and industrial usage. MTP delivers quality for a competitive price!

MTP Tyres are available in the most common tyres sizes: 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25 and 21.00R35.

MTP Tyres

All over the world, customers of all types of machines have the same ongoing interest:

To increase their productivity and to reduce operating costs.

MTP Tyres offer the optimal performance and purchase price, leading to a low cost price per hour/kilometre and a highly efficient operation.

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